About Us

We believe it's important to stay young at heart. We're adults and we work hard, a lot, so when it comes time to play we try to soak it in and enjoy it. We're from Phoenix, where temperatures often exceed 100℉, so play time for us usually ends up being spent around whatever water we are lucky enough to find. Many of our most cherished experiences are around the pool with good people, music, cold drinks, delicious food, and of course fun toys!

BiggerKids is the culmination of years of very hard work, trust, passion and investment of savings from three great friends with the goal of bringing you some of the experiences and products we enjoy ourselves. We strive to provide top of the class customer service because we want our customers to be smiling and stress free with the knowledge that we genuinely care about them. We want you to have fun.

So, welcome! Grab a floatie and join us. Relax and let us know if you need anything. It's gonna be a good time!