What people are saying

You have mad customer services skills! Thanks a Million!!! You have truly brought a smile to my face knowing there are still rockstars out there! 

Clint G., purchased Giant Unicorn

That unicorn took a beating for 7 days. Great quality. The best part was how easily it deflated.

Shari M., purchased Giant Unicorn

Outstanding customer service!!!!!!!!   You are to be commended. 

Clyde B., purchased Giant Unicorn

Great birthday gift.

MacKenzie C., purchased Light Brunch

These have been a HIT!!!! Thanks BiggerKids!!!

Daniel M., purchased Magical Duo and Giant Flamingo

Just received replacement float. You made a little girl very happy. I really appreciate how quickly you moved on this. Btw, beach ball trailing unicorn my daughter calls unicorn poop. LOL!! Again, thanks a lot.

Robert S., purchased Giant Unicorn

Thanks BiggerKids for my unicorn! You know it's going to be a good one when you fall off but save your drink!

Nicole T., purchased Giant Unicorn

Although, I wish they had a gluten free option for my wife, I love this floaty! It can literally fit two adults on it and is very comfortable, durable and buoyant. I even had a friend sleep off a few drinks on it the other night and it is still inflated and going strong!

Alex B., purchased Pepperoni Pizza